Daily Inspiration 4/14/14

Today is a very special day. 4/14/14. That just seems cool to me!

Well, today, I just want you to know that God is looking for a way into your life. He might be looking toward the friends option, the church option, or even just the straight Holy Spirit action. If you’re looking for God, but you aren’t finding Him, then you need to open doors to let Him go through. You’ll soon find that God is in many places of your every day.

Hope this was inspirational!

Always, Christina


Test #3- 6/18/13

Today, Christina and Carolyn tested 3 different brands of strawberry fruit bars. They are all fat-free. Here are the brands we tried (in no particular order):

Dreyer’s Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bars

Safeway Kitchens Strawberry Fruit Bars

Fruttare: Strawberry

Go to the How to Conduct a Blind Taste Test page on the menu to see how we conduct our taste tests. Do it yourself and see if your results are healthy!


Carolyn- 1- Creamy. It had a lot of pieces of fruit; almost too much.

Christina- 1- wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting; creamy. One of my pieces had a strawberry remnant in it which tasted processed! :b Ew!!!!!

Carolyn- 2- This one doesn’t taste as much like strawberries, but it’s creamy and has a good texture.

Christina- 2- Tart. Better than #1. Slightly creamy.

Carolyn- 3- No strawberry flavor. Maybe a little too icy.

Christina- 3- Very sweet, but almost bland compared to #2.

Final Decision: Christina- #2 Carolyn- #2

It was revealed to Carolyn and Christina that #1 was the Fruttare, #2 was the Safeway Kitchens, and #3 was the Dreyers. We discovered that the Safeway Kitchens bar has only 80 calories and 19 grams of sugar. This is a good deal! Especially as we enter into summer (especially because we live in CA), this is a sweet, cold treat that doesn’t take away any energy you need to enjoy the summer.

We will be posting another test soon. Let us know in the comments what you think we should do!

What do you think about our results? Are they similar compared to your own? Let us know.

-Carolyn and Christina

P.S. We would like to inform you that both of us have previously tried the Dreyer’s Fruit Bars, so this test may be slightly biased.

Please comment!

Hello viewers!

We really want to hear your feedback about Testing 4 Taste. Let us know about anything: good things, bad things, how your taste test went, what we should do to make T4T better, or even how you’re doing today! YOUR INPUT IS REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT TO US AND IT IS CRUCIAL THAT WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS SITE MORE FUN! 

And yes, we know that we have not posted a taste test. It is hard to find time for a taste test. As I’m sure all of you know, May is such a busy month. In our opinion, it’s the busiest month of the year. We are trying to get a test up, but it doesn’t look like we’ll do one this week. We’ll surprise you. 

Also, we want to recognize the country of Australia! Yesterday you guys provided ten views and four visitors!!! Congrats to the Aussies!

Thanks for your patience. Please comment! We appreciate you!

-Carolyn and Christina 🙂

100 + 10 Visitors!

Our blog has skyrocketed since only the last time (March 22) when we posted 50 visitors. It is May 2, and we don’t have 100 visitors, but 110 visitors!! Wow. If you are viewing Testing 4 Taste, give yourself a round of applause for being part of the Testing 4 Taste family! We would like to recognize the following countries for assisting us in these 110 visitations: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Croatia, Hungary, Nigeria, Ireland, Cambodia, Philippines, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong! We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate you. It’s hard for us to put it in words, but we can hardly imagine starting off as a tiny unheard of food blog and growing to something that 110+ people have heard of. 

We are 90% sure that we will be able to do a new taste test this weekend. We’ve already picked out what we are going to taste. Here’s one hint: It has to do with the upcoming season.

Have a great day! -Carolyn and Christina

Chicken Tender

This is one of Carolyn and Christina’s favorite videos in the world wide web. It reminds us a lot of our baby chicks that we raise. We are trying to get a new test up, but it looks like it might be up in two weeks. We wanted to post this just to tide our awesome fans over. BTW, Happy Earth Day! Ride your bike today instead of driving your car, plant a tree, recycle bottles and cans, or even get a biodegradable container when you get something to eat or drink. We hope you enjoy this video!
-Carolyn and Christina


Hey everyone!

We are so sorry that we haven’t posted very recently. With Christina’s upcoming trip with her local chorus to Washington and Idaho, and Carolyn being a chaperone, we have been crazy busy. We will have a new post up very soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the fun Testing 4 Taste has to offer! Also, let us know any ideas you have for taste tests! We will definitely consider them!

Thanks for your patience!

-Carolyn and Christina


Hey guys,

We officially have 50 visitors! Since our start in January of this year, our blog has skyrocketed. We would like to recognize the following countries: Cambodia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Nigeria, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries have awesome people who have all provided to this blog! Give them a hand!

We also would like to let you know that we will have a new taste test up soon! Thanks for your patience!

Have a great Thursday!

Love, Carolyn and Christina